Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gnome's Gnotebook - Painter X, Photoshop

This illustration and layout design were made for Ms. Fox's book of modern poetry, distributed by WestBow Press.

Into The Woods - Painter X, Photoshop

The Mourners - pen

Sketches from The Mourners; an exhibition catalog of statues from the tomb of John the Fearless.

Peter Pan - Painter X, Photoshop

My cover illustration and layout design for J.M Barrie's Peter Pan, distributed by Malachite Quills Publishing, and their subsidiary Conundrum Classics.

Up to the Octopus in the Sky - Painter X, Photoshop

The Escape - Painter X, Photoshop

This cover illustration and layout were designed for Kirstin Pulioff's young adult novel, distributed by Malachite Quills Publishing and Caliburn Books.

The Hidden Isle - Painter X, Photoshop

This painting was inspired by a short story, written by Tannara Young.

Armor sketches - graphite

These sketches were made while watching a panel on armor at Norwescon.

Rocky Mountain Cabin - Painter X and Photoshop

Cabin sketches - pen and ink

Ship & Chests - graphite, pen and ink

The Old Man in the Balloon - acrylic and Painter X

Character turn around - graphite

Bird sketches - graphite, pen and ink

Bird Blues - Painter X and Photoshop

Tree sketches - pen and ink

Time - Photoshop

Kotir Castle

This watercolor illustration was inspired by Brian Jacques book "Mossflower".

Pipe Props - pen and ink